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The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Certifications

Handling customers effectively is a growing challenge for many businesses. Salesforce Customer Relationship Management Software (Salesforce CRM) addresses this need by offering robust customer handling support. Salesforce certification has become a sought-after credential in the job market, equipping professionals with the expertise to implement Salesforce services across various domains. To meet the growing demand for Salesforce professionals, various Salesforce Certification Paths are available. This guide provides comprehensive information on obtaining Salesforce Certifications, detailing CRM software, certification pathways, and the steps to take the exam.

Salesforce Certification Paths

Earning a Salesforce certification demonstrates proficiency in applying Salesforce best practices and provides a globally recognized qualification. Multiple Salesforce Certification paths exist for different roles, such as administrators, architects, consultants, developers, marketers, and designers. Below is an infographic detailing all the Salesforce Certification paths.



Here is an overview of the Salesforce certification pathways or roles where you can obtain certification. Each path includes different credentials.



  • Salesforce Administrator: Collaborates with stakeholders to establish specifications, customize the interface, and optimize the Salesforce experience for users.
  • Salesforce Architects: Develops robust systems to handle large volumes and challenging scenarios. They excel in modeling role hierarchies, data models, and appropriate sharing mechanisms.
  • Salesforce Consultants: Understands business demands, gathers requirements, and works with stakeholders to create solutions that drive business improvements.
  • Salesforce Developers: Utilizes programmatic and declarative skills to expand and modify Lightning platform apps.
  • Sales Professionals: Solves customer problems with products and services that generate revenue through team selling, product expertise, and research.
  • Salesforce Marketers: Develops customized marketing strategies to connect with clients and provides one-on-one customer handling and insights.
  • Salesforce Designers: Creates ethical, legitimate, and sustainable solutions on the Salesforce Platform.

Refer to Salesforce’s Trailhead for further details on Salesforce certifications

Steps on How to Get a Salesforce Certification

To register for a Salesforce certification exam, use WebAssessor at Follow these steps to schedule your exam:

  1. Choose Your Role and Credentials: Select from the available roles (e.g., administrator, developer) and decide which certification suits your skills, career goals, and desired abilities. Click on ‘Schedule Now’ to proceed to the WebAssessor window.
  2. Register for the Exam on WebAssessor: Log in, schedule your exam date, pay for registration, and complete the scheduling process.
  3. Take the Test: Appear for the exam online or onsite. Ensure you are well-prepared before taking the exam.
  4. Maintain Your Certification: After passing the test, complete the Trailhead maintenance modules annually to maintain your certification. Link your Trailhead and WebAssessor accounts to view maintenance requirements. Maintenance modules are released at the start of the Spring, Summer, or Winter cycles and must be completed within one year. Ensure maintenance completion is updated by verifying the certification status on your Trailblazer profile.

Key Highlights of The Salesforce Exam

Content: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions and up to 5 non-scored questions
Time Allotted: 105 minutes (may vary depending on the profile)
Passing Score: Varies by profile/role
Registration Fee: Typically between $200 to $500, plus applicable taxes. Fees to retake the exam are between $100 to $300, plus applicable taxes.

Why Get Salesforce Certified?

Three reasons (among many) why you should get Salesforce certified ASAP:

  1. High Market Demand: With over a million job opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem, companies across various sectors seek candidates with Salesforce expertise. Salesforce generated $31,352 million in revenue and was ranked 491st on the Fortune 500 in 2023. In the United States, more than 106,000 job postings are seeking candidates with a Salesforce certification.
  2. Keeps You Upskilled: Regularly using Salesforce tools and maintaining your certification ensures you stay updated with the latest technology.
  3. High-Paying Skill: Certified Salesforce professionals are well-compensated, with annual incomes around $87,656 for administrators and $125,740 for architects.

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