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Comprehensive Guide to Salesforce Certifications and Their Costs

salesforce certifications list salesforce certifications list and cost"

Embarking on a Salesforce career path can be exciting and rewarding, but navigating the array of available certifications and their associated costs can be daunting. To help you make informed decisions, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to Salesforce certifications and their costs. In this blog, we’ll explore Salesforce’s different certification paths, from entry-level to advanced credentials, providing detailed information on each certification’s focus, prerequisites, and exam fees. This article lists different Salesforce Certification lists and the cost of obtaining these certifications. It also sheds some light on the industry demand for Salesforce experts at the present time. According to a Mason Frank report, professionals with certifications see a 45% increase in their marketability and earning potential. As the demand for Salesforce experts grows, gaining the right certifications can significantly enhance your career prospects.

Salesforce Certifications: List and Cost

Salesforce certifications are categorized according to various roles, each with distinct credential requirements. These certifications necessitate varying levels of experience and may include specific prerequisites. Salesforce offers multiple certification pathways, each demanding unique skills and expertise. Below is a detailed list of Salesforce credentials along with their associated costs, organized by role.

Salesforce Associate Certification Snapshot

Certification TitleCourse GuideCostLevelExperiencePrerequisite(s
AssociateStudy Guide$75Entry-level0-6 monthsNone
Marketing AssociateStudy Guide$75Entry-level0-6 monthsNone
AI AssociateStudy Guide$75Entry-level1-2 yearsNone

Salesforce Administrator Certification Snapshot

Certification TitleCourse GuideCostLevelExperiencePrerequisite
AdministratorStudy Guide$200Mid-level1-2 yearsAdministrator credential
Advanced AdministratorStudy Guide$200Mid-level1-2 yearsAdministrator credential
Platform App BuilderStudy Guide$200Mid-level1-2 yearsAdministrator credential
CPQ SpecialistStudy Guide$200Mid-level6-12 monthsNone
Business AnalystStudy Guide$200Mid-level2 yearsAdministrator credential

Salesforce Developer Certification Snapshot

Certification TitleCourse GuideCostLevelExperiencePrerequisite
Platform Developer IStudy Guide$200Entry-level3-6 monthsNone
Platform Developer IIStudy Guide$200Mid-level2-4 yearsPlatform Developer I
JavaScript Developer IStudy Guide$200Entry-level1-2 yearsNone
Industries CPQ DeveloperStudy Guide$200Mid-level1-2 yearsNone
OmniStudio DeveloperStudy Guide$200Mid-level1-2 yearsNone
B2C Commerce DeveloperStudy Guide$200Mid-level1-2 yearsNone

Salesforce Designer Certification Snapshot

Certification TitleCourse GuideCostLevelExperiencePrerequisite(s
User Experience (UX) DesignerStudy Guide$200Mid-level1-2 yearsAdministrator credential
Strategy DesignerStudy Guide$200Mid-level1-2 yearsAdministrator credential

Salesforce Consultant Certification Snapshot

Certification TitleCourse GuideCostLevelExperiencePrerequisite
Service Cloud ConsultantStudy Guide$200Mid-level2-5 yearsAdministrator credential
Data Cloud ConsultantStudy Guide$200Mid-level2 yearsNone
Sales Cloud ConsultantStudy Guide$200Mid-level2+ yearsAdministrator credential
Field Service ConsultantStudy Guide$200Mid-level2-5 yearsAdministrator and Service Cloud Consultant credentials
Experience Cloud ConsultantStudy Guide$200Mid-level2-5 yearsAdministrator credential
Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery ConsultantStudy Guide$200Mid-level1+ yearsNone
Nonprofit Cloud ConsultantStudy Guide$200Mid-level3 yearsAdministrator credential
Education Cloud ConsultantStudy Guide$200Mid-level3+ yearsAdministrator credential
Business AnalystStudy Guide$200Mid-level3+ yearsAdministrator credential
Slack ConsultantStudy Guide$100Mid-level1 yearsNone

Salesforce Architect Certification Snapshot

Certification TitleCourse GuideCostLevelExperiencePrerequisite
Identity and Access Management ArchitectStudy Guide$400Senior-level1+ yearsNone
Sharing and Visibility ArchitectStudy Guide$400Senior-level3+ yearsNone
Development Lifecycle and Deployment ArchitectStudy Guide$400Senior-level5+ yearsNone
Heroku ArchitectStudy Guide$400Mid-level2 yearsNone
Integration ArchitectStudy Guide$400Senior-level7+ yearsNone
Data ArchitectStudy Guide$400Senior-level7+ yearsNone
Application ArchitectStudy Guide-Senior-level5+ yearsPlatform App Builder, Platform Developer 1, Sharing and Visibility Architect, Data Architect
System ArchitectStudy Guide$200Senior-level5+ yearsPlatform Developer I, Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect, Identity and Access Management Architect, Integration Architect
B2C Solution ArchitectStudy Guide$400Senior-level2+ yearsPlatform App Builder, Integration Architect, Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
B2C Commerce ArchitectStudy Guide$400Senior-level2+ yearsB2C Commerce Developer
B2B Solution ArchitectStudy Guide$400Senior-level5+ yearsPlatform App Builder, Platform Developer 1, Data Architect, Sharing and Visibility Architect
Technical ArchitectStudy Guide$6,000Senior-level8+ yearsApplication Architect, System Architect

Salesforce Marketer Certification Snapshot

Certification TitleCourse GuideCostLevelExperiencePrerequisite
Marketing Cloud AdministratorStudy Guide$200Entry-level3-6 monthsNone
Marketing Cloud DeveloperStudy Guide$200Senior-level1+ yearsMarketing Cloud Specialist
Marketing Cloud ConsultantStudy Guide$200Senior-level1 yearMarketing Cloud Administrator
Marketing Cloud Email SpecialistStudy Guide$200Mid-level6-12 monthsNone
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement SpecialistStudy Guide$200Entry-level3-6 monthsNone
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement ConsultantStudy Guide$200Mid-level1+ yearsMarketing Cloud Account Engagement Specialist

Salesforce Sales Certification Snapshot

Certification TitleCourse GuideCostLevelExperiencePrerequisite(s
Sales RepresentativeStudy Guide$200Mid-level6 months to 3 yearsNone

Market Demand for Salesforce Certifications

According to research conducted by Lightcast, commissioned by Salesforce in 2022, it has projected 9.3 million jobs by 2026. Salesforce leads the CRM markets in North America, Latin America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific (including Japan) and is the top CRM provider globally. Thus, Salesforce, being used by many companies, will need expertise in managing Salesforce CRM by businesses and companies. 

In Conclusion

Certifications from Salesforce demonstrate in-depth knowledge in a particular role and are an excellent means to grab job opportunities and projects that fit specified criteria. It serves well for candidates as well as recruiters. On top of getting a competitive salary, becoming certified in Salesforce and maintaining it implies that your skills are up to date with the most recent updates. Furthermore, getting ready for a certification exam can help you organize your learning so that you master every aspect of the Salesforce capabilities relevant to your intended role. 

Depending on the certification level, Salesforce certifications have different costs. To get started, select the certification that most closely matches your experience level and needs. The right assistance can make your Salesforce career exploration easier.  

In conclusion, navigating the diverse landscape of Salesforce certifications can be a complex endeavor, with each certification tailored to specific roles and requiring varying levels of expertise and prerequisites. Receiving a competitive salary, becoming Salesforce certified, and maintaining it indicates that your skills are current with the latest updates. Additionally, preparing for a certification exam can help you structure your learning process to master every aspect of Salesforce relevant to your desired role. To optimize this process, understanding the costs and requirements associated with each certification is crucial for effective career planning and professional development in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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